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What competencies or capabilities are associated with high performance at work?

Based on the results of extensive research interviews with high achievers in both the profit and non-profit sectors, the book The Extra One Per Cent (written by Talentspace director Dr Rob Yeung) looks at the capabilities – or ‘competencies’ – associated with high performance at work. In some countries,the book has been published with corrections […]

Should personality tests be used for hiring or developing people?

Many consultants offer personality tests. But not all personality tests are created equally. There are two questions that must be asked in choosing the right personality test: 1) Is the test reliable? 2) Is the test valid – does it actually predict useful outcomes in the workplace? In this piece, Talentspace director and Chartered Psychologist […]

How can a business get the best Return On Investment (ROI) from coaching?

Coaching can be a powerful tool for developing managers. Unfortunately, a lot of coaching can be either ill-conceived or entirely ineffective. When should you – and when should you not – bring in an external coach? And how do you ensure you get the best return on your investment?