We identify high potential individuals and develop leaders and their teams

Our consultants are psychologists who specialise in working with organisations to assess and develop talent. As psychologists, we understand how people think and behave; we develop solutions that deliver RESULTS.

High performance at work

Based on extensive interviews with high achievers across different sectors and industries, bestselling book The Extra One Per Cent (written by Talentspace director Dr Rob Yeung) looks at the capabilities associated with high performance…

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Distinguishing strong from weak candidates

Many consultants offer personality tests. But not all personality tests are created equally. There are two questions that must be asked in choosing the right personality test. 1) Is the test reliable? 2)…

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Understanding modern leadership

As little as a decade ago, it was assumed that effective leaders needed to be charismatic individuals with strong visions for their organisations. However, the latest business school research as well as practice suggests that…

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