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Talent Management

Different organisations define ‘talent’ in different ways.  However, many organisations feel that their growth and success are constrained by a lack of organisational talent.

At Talentspace, we help client organisations to identify and develop key individuals who can make the biggest impact on the organisation.

We help clients to answer questions such as “What do we mean by ‘talent’?” and “How do we identify our talent?”

In practice, this typically means working with client organisations to:

  • Create capability/competency frameworks to define management and leadership talent
  • Identify bottlenecks in the talent pipeline that may be impacting the organisation’s ability to grow successfully
  • Create processes for auditing and identifying talent
  • Devise methods for developing, engaging and retaining key talent – for example by creating appropriate training and development programmes

Ultimately, talent management is about providing the resource to fuel an organisation’s growth.

We work with all stakeholders – line managers, HR, and the talented individuals themselves – to ensure that vital people resources of the right quality are in the right place at the right time.