What competencies or capabilities are associated with high performance at work?

Based on the results of extensive research interviews with high achievers in both the profit and non-profit sectors, the book The Extra One Per Cent (written by Talentspace director Dr Rob Yeung) looks at the capabilities – or ‘competencies’ – associated with high performance at work. In some countries,the book has been published with corrections and minor updates under the new title E is for Exceptional.

Amongst the findings within the research:

  • High achievement is strongly correlated with networking both within an organisation as well as widely outside of it.
  • Individuals who spend more time putting themselves into the shoes of customers and colleagues achieve better business outcomes than those who do not. However, it turns out that there are two separate skills involved called ’empathy’ and ‘perspective-taking’ which each have different benefits.
  • Leaders and entrepreneurs who excel possess a greater sense of Citizenship; they focus strongly on ethics and the long-term impact of decisions on their own and organisations’ reputations.
  • Creative individuals aren’t born with their gift. Instead, it seems that creativity stems from a deliberate effort to invest more time in broader reading and thinking.

The book has been widely praised. For example, Matt Colebrook, chief executive of the highly-regarded bank First Direct said of the book: “The book is a fantastic evaluation of what it takes to be better than the best. It is an absolute tour de force – a must read.”

Octavius Black, founder of The Mind Gym said of The Extra One Per Cent: “The original research, combined with some of the strongest psychological findings of the last 30 years, provides a compelling analysis of what it takes to succeed.”

In reviewing the book, Director magazine wrote: “It’s packed with the sort of advice and tips that if properly taken on board would really make the reader more noteworthy… For those more open to altering their behaviour, this is an excellent place to start.”

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