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How can organisations select the very best candidates?

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) asked Talentspace director and Chartered Psychologist Dr Rob Yeung to write an article reviewing the effectiveness of some common methods used by organisations to interview and evaluate candidates. One key finding from the academic research is that investment in better assessment and selection methods typically has a higher […]

What does modern, effective leadership look like?

As little as a decade ago, it was assumed that effective leaders needed to be charismatic individuals with strong visions for their organisations. However, the latest business school research as well as practice suggests that a different style of leadership actually gets better results.

How to identify and eliminate bad leadership

Most leaders have a so-called ‘dark side’ – behavioural weaknesses that emerge when they feel under pressure at work. For example, some people get irritable or outright angry. Others withdraw and become less communicative. A few take greater risks. Understanding the dark side is important for all of us. If we understand our personal weaknesses, […]

Why do interviewers need written competencies for interviewing candidates?

Many managers believe themselves to be good judges of character. However, most human resources professionals as well as business schools researchers accept that the traditional interview is a poor method for selecting the best candidates. We know this because of research looking at the predictive validity of different interview methods. Predictive validity is the correlation […]

Talentspace writes an official guide to interviewing for The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times commissioned Talentspace to write a book on Successful Interviewing and Recruitment.  The first edition of the book came out in 2008 but was successful enough to warrant a second edition which was published in 2010. This second edition remains in print and continues to sell both in the UK as well as […]