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What does modern, effective leadership look like?

As little as a decade ago, it was assumed that effective leaders needed to be charismatic individuals with strong visions for their organisations. However, the latest business school research as well as practice suggests that a different style of leadership actually gets better results.

How to identify and eliminate bad leadership

Most leaders have a so-called ‘dark side’ – behavioural weaknesses that emerge when they feel under pressure at work. For example, some people get irritable or outright angry. Others withdraw and become less communicative. A few take greater risks. Understanding the dark side is important for all of us. If we understand our personal weaknesses, […]

How can leaders make a speedy, successful transition into larger roles?

On being promoted into larger roles, many leaders experience some disorientation and find that they are not as effective as they would wish to be. Talentspace consultants are frequently asked by organisations to assist leaders in making faster transitions into new roles so that they can be fully effective as quickly as possible. In this […]

What are the characteristics of good quality feedback and criticism?

Few people enjoy being criticised. Yet constructive, carefully-phrased criticism is a potent tool. Organisations that foster a culture of constructive criticism find that their teams perform more strongly. Individuals who seek out criticism and feedback about themselves learn more quickly and find themselves able to do their jobs more successfully. This article taken from a […]

How can a business get the best Return On Investment (ROI) from coaching?

Coaching can be a powerful tool for developing managers. Unfortunately, a lot of coaching can be either ill-conceived or entirely ineffective. When should you – and when should you not – bring in an external coach? And how do you ensure you get the best return on your investment?